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  • How often will the products need oiling ?
    Timber is antibacterial by nature but requires minimal cleaning from time to time, in order to keep the product from drying out we suggest you to give it a mild rub of Bee Wax or mineral oil. Oil makes the product water resistant and protects it from heat.
  • Are the products microwavable ?
    No,We would suggest you to keep all wooden products away from Microwaves. Due to its moisture content, fibres on the surface will expand and cause roughness, eventually the product looses its finish.
  • Why tropical wood?
    We specifically focus on Teak, Rosewood and Acacia. these trees face High temperature climate throughout the year, minimizing moisture content. Minimal moisture content gives the product an everlasting polished finish and makes any additional coats redundant.
  • How safe are the products ?
    We apply NO chemicals or any artificial coatings on the product. The products are safe for kids of any age. Once lathed we scrub the surface with our secret homemade sauce( Includes Bee wax and linseed oil) We make sure we steer clear of any artificially obtained coatings.
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